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Acom 2000P HF




De Professionele versie is ook te gebruiken voor ALLE frequenties tussen 1.8MHz - 30MHz (oa voor Offshore- en militaire toepassingen,... )

Deze heeft mogelijkheden tot extra koeling voor continue gebruik.

a) Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-29.7MHz

b) Power Output: 1500W PEP or continuous carrier, no mode limit.

In continuous carrier modes (RTTY etc.) for transmissions longer than 15 minutes (up to several

hours depending on ambient temperature), the optional auxiliary fan must be mounted.

c) Intermodulation Distortion: Better than 35dB below rated PEP output.

d) Hum and noise: Better than 35dB below rated output.

e) Harmonics Output Suppression: Better than 50dB below rated output.

f) Input and Output Impedances:

• nominal value: 50 Ohm unbalanced, UHF (SO239) type connectors;

• input circuit: broadband, VSWR less than 1.3:1, 1.8-30MHz continuously (no tunings, no


• bypass path VSWR less than 1.1:1, 1.8-30MHz continuously;


• output circuit matching capability: better than VSWR 3:1 (2:1 for 160m) or greater at reduced

output levels; automated.

g) Automatic Tuning:

• Load Impedance Matching - less than 3 seconds;

• Band Change - less than one second;

• Segment Change - less than 0.2 seconds.

h) RF Gain: 14.5dB, frequency response less than 0.5dB (50 to 60W drive power for rated output).

i) ALC: grid-current derived, -11V max, rear panel adjustable.

j) Primary Power: 90-132V (100 & 120V nominal taps, 10% tol.) and 180-264V (200, 220 &

240V nominal taps, 10% tol.), 50-60Hz, single phase, 3500VA consumption at rated output. In

USA, 240v is strongly recommended.

k) Complies CE safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, as well as FCCregulations

l) Size & Weight (operating): W440mm x D500mm x H180mm, 36kg.

m) Operating environments:

• temperature range: 0...+50 degs.Celsius;

• humidity: up to 95% @ +35 degs.Celsius.

• altitude: up to 3000m above sea level without output deterioration.


a) Load Impedance Matching Process: automated.

b) Provides Antenna Control Interface for Automatic Antenna Selector and Tuner.

c) User tuning settings memory - nonvolatile for up to 10 antennas per frequency segment

(settings for 50 Ohm default provided).

d) Tubes: two 4CX800A (GU74B / Áâ€œÁ£74Áâ€˜) Svetlana (Á¡Á²ÁµÁ‘‚Á»Á°Á½Á°) high performance ceramic-metal

tetrodes with plate dissipation of 800W each, grid driven, forced air cooling.

e) T/R System: QSK operation with built-in vacuum RF antenna relay.

f) Protections:

• cover interlock for operator's safety;

• inrush power-on current control;

• all supply voltages;

• control grid, screen grid, plate and heater currents;


• cooling airflow;

• exhaust air temperature - each tube separately;

• motors motion;

• T/R sequencing;

• antenna relay contacts, including RF power induced in antenna from another nearby


• load matching quality;

• reflected power;

• RF arcs, including in antenna system;

• overdrive;

• unauthorized access to amplifier.

g) INFO BOX for 12 recent protection trips, default selections, individual amplifier's data and

elapsed power-on hours.

h) Up to 20 meters separation between the RCU and the main unit, on-board assistance and

troubleshooting suggestions etc. No controls on main unit (except for the ON/OFF main switch

and LED indicator).

i) All functions accessible from a computer via serial port, local network functions for more than

one (up to 15) sets of amplifier / antenna units, working in a system.

j) Measurement and/or constantly monitoring of 20 most important parameters of the amplifier

via RCU and/or computer.

k) RCU Beep

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