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Engraved Callsign

The Stealth combines a rugged professional finish with unsurpassed performance.  Base and Bearing block are made from a single block of heavy cast metal with a palladium finish, and all components are encapsulated and protected, giving this ultimate paddle its distinctive shape which is reminiscent of a fighter plane. 

We have selected the very best materials for each and every component. Gold contacts are standard with this key. It comes with carbon fiber finger pieces, and a second set of black anodized aluminum finger pieces is included. (The silver finger pieces in this photo were only made for the prototype - the production finger pieces look similar to those shown on the Sculpture key.) The precision adjustments with micro-threaded screws let you find and lock in your preferred settings.  The perfect geometry and weight distribution of all moving parts make this a key which works effortlessly and precisely up to the highest speeds

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