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The Sculpture key is the culmination of many years of work, combining the most desirable elements of the very best paddles in the world and adding some exclusive features of its own. 

All fixed parts are completely made from AISI-304 stainless steel - a virtually indestructible material that can only be shaped to this perfection with specialized machinery.  It is polished to a finish that should stay perfect for a lifetime, and, unlike plated surfaces, you can always remove any blemishes with fine abrasive compounds like jewellers rouge or car polish.

The arms of this paddle, with a 1:1 leverage ratio, are extremely short and are made from a lightweight alloy. The finger pieces are carved out of a very light and exceptionally stiff and robust carbon fiber material that provides excellent tactile feedback. The resulting minimal moving mass, in combination with the highest grade racing bearings, results in a responsiveness and precision that you will probably not find in any other paddle.

The Sculpture key has the fine adjustments of our best paddles, and gold contacts made from massive 14k gold are a standard feature. A protective dust cover is also included.
As an option you can order the Sculpture with metal finger pieces mounted at a slight angle - a design which we first introduced with our Stealth key. 

The Sculpture key is also available with a Titanium finish that is applied over the stainless steel core.  It is available in three different colors,  black, copper, and gold, as shown in the following photos.  Except for the surface finish these keys are identical to the plain stainless steel version shown above.

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