Magnetic Professional

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The Magnetic Professional is a variation of our Magnetic Classic paddle, and it has many of the same technical characteristics that have made the Magnetic Classic one of the best magnetic paddles that money can buy. The main difference is the surface finish: instead of the gold or palladium plating this paddle has a non-reflecting metal oxide coating. The bearing block is wider than on the Magnetic Classic, and it has set screws that let you adjust the paddle spacing within a narrow range (we’re using the same adjustment technique in our classical flagship paddle, the Signature The base is a flat black, and the central bearing block has a khaki color - the color and material combination gives this paddle a rugged military flair. Using magnets rather than springs for the action has distinct advantages, especially if you prefer a light touch with close spacing. e the moving magnets are imbedded in micro-threaded tubes they can be adjusted with utmost precision and maintain their setting over a wide range of temperature variation. The magnets on the arms are mounted close to the pivot which keeps the effective moving mass low and allows a responsiveness at high speeds that is unique for magnetic paddles. Like the Magnetic Classic This key is certainly among the best that money can buy!

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